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Local SEO services have proven to be one of the best when it comes to generating traffic for local businesses. Even to this date, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc have been rolling out new features for local businesses. We understand your requirement for Local SEO services in California and provide the scope to grow your business.

Web Traffic

At Traffic Rain, our efforts are intended to bring visibility to your portfolio which acts as a business card for the audience. This is what every business desires so that it can differentiate itself from rivals.

Improved Reputation

We make sure to add NAP (Name, Address, Phone) to your google map listing along with keyword-rich description so that you could get better visibility and enhanced trust in eyes of your audience.

Map Visibility

Enhancing the map visibility in local SEO can be one of the most important aspects. In the scenario of local search, the majority of the people tend to call from the map that is shown in the SERPs.

Store Visibility

With the implementation of Local SEO, your store tends to witness higher visibility in local searches. This allows you to attract more potential customers to incline towards your goods and services.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages have long been the factor of ranking in local SEO services. These pages are created in some special scenarios. We will let you know for such strategies. So achieving rankings gets easy.

Local Listing Portals

You might have came across the "Google My Business". Well, there are a number of portals that could be used for the similar way. So, we ensure to add your portal on such platforms. Stay assured with us.

Best Local SEO Services


Traffic Rain is known to deliver results in local SEO services for sure. Our experts always give their best which ensures the local SEO results to arrive within time. So, growing gets simple.


Local SEO services could be tricky. There are extremely simple steps that if skipped, could impact the rankings. So, we invest a dedicated manager to a portal so that everything goes right.


There could be chances where there could be a potential segment of products that could yield better results. With Trend Analysis, we help you by suggesting the products for outright success in the space.


Our local SEO company in California provides you with reports that contain the data of the backlinks formed. Also, we help you create outbound relations.


Traffic Rain is a reputed California local SEO agency that people have trusted overtime. We work hard to provide results that help you grow in a effective manner.


The strategies of an organization can change. So, to change the strategies you can inform us. You can inform Traffic Rain on a prior notice of one week.

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46% People

Search only for local results.

72% People

Searching locally visited the local store.

97% People

Learn about the company from local results.

88% People

Visit the local store within 24 hours of search.

61% People

Contact a local business if they have a mobile friendly website.

A store or business has to undergo a lot of competition. With local SEO services in California, our passion of promoting the local presence of a business in local search results has been accomplished. Every then and now, we at Traffic Rain tend to promote the rankings of local websites in search results. This helps in bringing in more local leads towards the store. Local SEO services can help a website boost its rankings in no time.

With local SEO services in California, or in any part of the world, you can increase your visibility by a huge margin. With these local SEO services, you will get an upper hand when compared to your competitors. With the implementation of Local SEO in your workflow, you start to witness higher visibility in search engines in the local SEO searches or location- based searches. In case you want to cater to your customers one-on-one, then a local SEO package is definitely what you should consider. Be it a restaurant, any grocery shop, departmental store, or even hospitals or clinics, local SEO tips and tricks can help you achieve drastic results and bring in more and more meet-ups with your clients.

Once you have a verified Google My Business Account, your business can do wonders for you. It is a smart choice to hire an affordable local SEO expert who can optimize your listing and generate great results for your websites. Local SEO services can also help your clients in booking an appointment with you. From maintaining a complete social presence in your demographics, managing the reviews, building citations for your web address our local SEO services are always there to promote your presence in the eyes of your audience.


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The process of California local search engine optimization is crafted for boosting the visibility of physical stores and outlets on the search engine result page. It ultimately helps in gaining more and more customers. Just like standard SEO, local SEO too needs some time but the way it is optimized is a bit different.

When a proper user from your specific demographic searches a query based on your services or products, your listing should appear on the top result. This will ensure maximum visibility of your website and maximum profitability by catering to your audience.

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Hiring a California local SEO agency may cost up a lot in the USA but still, we are here to offer you affordable local SEO services in California. Our services start from $160/month and go somewhere up to $250/month depending upon the number of keywords you wish to target. The basic amenities will include a free SEO audit, content plagiarism checking, keyword research, URL optimization, and mapping with much more in the basket.

In case you are just starting your store then the initial plans that we offer are great for you. Once the operations increase, you can upgrade the plans depending upon the competition in the market. Our Local SEO service packages help the customers find your business across the demographics of your business location. So, get in touch with Traffic Rain and start growing now.


Traffic Rain has mastered the local SEO strategy. When it comes to framing the campaign, we adapt an in-depth process to explore the latest local SEO practices for better growth of your portal. Gone are the obsolete practices that used to work in the stone Age, we are the new and creative minds who can improve the growth of your business.
We have a great experience on silo-based keyword targeting, creative media generation, and geo-targeted local PR to improve the visibility of your portal in the local regions. Start working with Traffic Rain and let us take your growth to the summit.

List of local SEO practice


local seo growth

Traffic Rain takes a holistic approach to your portal. This makes sure your business stays at the forefront. Our Local SEO plans are comprehensive in nature and that’s why we are able to penetrate the market space. We can craft one such strategy for you too, thus allowing you to shine in the market space.

Why wait more? Open the doors of growth for your business with local SEO services. Our local SEO company in California has served a lot of businesses with our local SEO strategies. Let the next business be yours.

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