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eCommerce stores provide an option of virtual payments too. A virtual safety net is a must. A user requires some sort of protection from your end. So, SSL secure website are a must, for both rankings and user security.

Voice Search

Due to the convenience of voice search, e-commerce voice queries have seen a sharp rise in past few years. Your portal should be optimized in such a manner that it could generate results for voice search.

Mobile Friendly

The majority of the audience browses eCommerce stores via mobile devices. So, their experience shouldn’t be different on a mobile device. If not addressed at times, this can hurt your rankings too.


Internal links can help in generating the useful or similar suggestions for the users. Our eCommerce SEO services in California will assist you in cracking this strategy like pro!

Thorough Audit

There are many factors in eCommerce SEO. We will work upon the desired factors that comply with the search engine norms so that your portal could perform the best.

Trend Analysis

Grab the targeted audience within a quick span of time with PPC services. We will make your active ad campaigns on search engines and social handles via engaging ads.

Best eCommerce SEO Services In California

Traffic Rain is among the best eCommerce SEO company that understands your requirement and provide quality works.


Traffic Rain is known to deliver results in ecommerce SEO services for sure. Our experts always give their best which ensures the golden results to arrive within time. So, growing gets simple.


eCommerce SEO services could be tricky. There are extremely simple steps that if skipped, could impact the rankings. So, we invest a dedicated manager to a portal so that everything goes right.


There could be chances where there could be a potential segment of products that could yield better results. With Trend Analysis, we help you by suggesting the products for outright success in the space.


Our eCommerce SEO company in California provides you with reports that contain the data of the backlinks formed. We help you create outbound relations!


eCommerce SEO has a different approach attached to it. It could yield great results if handled by the experts. Hire the best ecommerce SEO company for your portal.


The strategies of an organization can change. So, to change the strategies you can inform us. You can inform Traffic Rain on a prior notice of one week.

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43% People

Search for a product in search engine.

90% People

Visit eCommerce stores to buy products.

48% People

Use voice search to buy a product.

50% People

Use mobile devices to buy products online

23% People

Complete a purchase when searching for a product in search engines.

To boost the on-page visibility of your website, it is extremely important to hit all the on-page SEO factors in the right way. We will make sure to run an audit that will be conducted both in an automated manner and in a manual manner so that no point is left unaddressed. Our eCommerce search engine optimization services are much in-depth. These include the factors like keyword research that matches the intent or well-crafted meta titles and meta descriptions that entice the user to click on the portal.

An eCommerce business has absolutely no limits geographically. We at Traffic Rain make sure that eCommerce SEO services in California or in any other part of the world stay top-notch. It should be your listing in the search results that users feel more inclined towards.

To ensure your website is eligible to rank in organic search, optimizing the site structure is also equally important. With new eCommerce SEO techniques and keeping an eye on webmasters, we accomplish the goal of higher profitability for you. This approach of ours has helped us in staying relevant in the eyes of our potential clients.

We also provide influencer marketing services to our clients.  In eCommerce SEO services, influencer marketing can help in creating a buzz in the market. A professional eCommerce SEO expert will make sure that he doesn’t leave any factor unchecked in order to provide your portal with maximum opportunities for growth in the search engines.


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Google promotes secure web pages in its search engine rankings. While providing eCommerce SEO services we make sure to use HTTPS secure requests. This is an important practice as the data of users needs to be protected at all costs. For your eCommerce store, we add AMP optimized web pages so that responsiveness can be achieved on mobile devices too.

Also, we can’t deny mobile voice searches. Our eCommerce SEO experts will optimize that all your voice entries are giving positive results in SERPs. Providing eCommerce SEO services comes with a lot of factors. With Traffic Rain you can stay assured and get all your factors optimized over time.


Our eCommerce SEO agency in California looks out for various eCommerce SEO parameters. Some of them may include factors like how the URL should be structured depending upon the categories and other parameters. Also, product pages need to have well-written content with an appropriate call to action.

Also, it is extremely important in eCommerce SEO services to optimize the media and use structured data. It is also important to keep the complete navigation and site structure simple. This helps in simplistic and easy navigation for users. Guess what? Google promotes simplistic navigation.

Load Time

Opening of webpage in a quick span of time helps you in retaining the user.

Simplistic Navigation

An eCommerce portal should have a simplistic navigation. This helps a user in finding his/her desired product with ease.

Other SEO Services

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Why should you limit your store’s visibility? Let your e-commerce store grow in a dynamic way by leveraging untapped ranking opportunities. Let your e-commerce store get blessed with e-commerce SEO services.

Local SEO Services

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International SEO Services

No matter how many countries you want to target. Depending upon the varied locations we can optimize your web pages in such a way that they can get enhanced web visibility across the globe.

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